Last Mile Services

Last Mile Services with Time Logistics

The last part of your shipment's transportation can make or break your transportation service strategy, so it’s important that the last mile for each shipment goes smoothly and efficiently. Time Logistics specializes in designing and implementing last mile delivery plans for your shipment's transit to its final destination. Our solutions are based upon operations that employ the latest industry technology and include our 24/7/365 Customer Support Center (CSC), giving you unmatched results during the last phase of your shipment.

These services are available day or night, on a scheduled, routed or on-demand basis, as dictated by our customers' needs. Time Logistics’ responsive last mile service allows companies to better manage buying cycles, meet demand and take shipments to their final destinations. Let us design a delivery network that is efficient, precise and reliable for your last mile needs.

Time Logistics’ last mile services include delivery of the following:

Last Mile Services with Time Logistics
  • High Value Products
  • Retail Products
  • Office Equipment and Supplies
  • Medical Equipment
  • Packages without Weight Limitations
  • Optimized/Routed Networks
  • Fixtures
  • Biomedical
  • Interoffice Mail/Parcels
  • Office Machines/Supplies

Our last mile services also include:

  • White Glove Deliveries
  • Equipment Setup and Testing - limitations may apply

If you need to get your shipment to its final destination, contact our transportation professionals to customize a last mile plan.


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